Get a load of these 3 bros scamming the IGFA

Three anglers recently completed a rare and perhaps unprecedented feat by each landing an opah on the same day aboard a San Diego-based boat fishing in Mexican waters.

Opah, also referred to as moonfish, are rarely caught by recreational fishermen, and for three people to catch one of these beautifully colored fish on the same day is considered extraordinary.


Riiiiiiiiiight. Ok guys, sure we believe you. Here I am bending over backwards to try and hit a two team parlay every night of my life and these three go out and catch 3 large moonfish on the same day, that’s the thing dreams are made of no? Psh, Get outta dodge.  I don’t want to hate on them too much cause getting into the IGFA (That’s the International Game Fish Association) is pretty dope. But come on with those moonfish, they look like something you win at a county fair, smiling, probably dont smell like shit. Counterfeit as all hell, obviously stuffed with cotton. You may get one over on GrindTV and Yahoo fellas, but not me, not me and the IGFA. I respect the hustle, but work a little harder at it next time, that level of fame isn’t achieved over night. Toss those cute things to your nieces and call it a day.


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