#TBT guy calls Jim Rome with a Cal Ripken sucks blast

Such an absolutely out of left field, ridiculous, idiotic and outlandish take that you have no other choice but to respect it.  So many great things about that call-

  • “Overrated Record” – 2,131 games in a row. TWO THOUSAND ONE HUNDRED THIRTY ONE GAMES IN A ROW. I will be lucky if I can make it 5 days in a row sitting at the computer updating this blog. The Iron Man didn’t miss a beat for 14 years & went a few more after that. Disrespecting that is so disrespectful you almost have to respect it.
  • This call is coming in 2005. Four years after Ripken retired.
  • He is willing to fast forward his life 5 years in order to see Hideki Matsui break the record. I remember it being a minor little story if Matsui’s Japanese games should count towards his consecutive games played mark(They shouldn’t). Regardless, Matsui’s MLB streak fizzled out just a year after this call at 518 games (1,768 if you do include the Japanese league)
  • “He’s overpaid” “He didn’t play that hard” “Had a crappy record that didn’t play that hard” “Wow played a bunch of games in a row, good job there tough guy”
  • The gauntlet thrown down that he will pay a Million bucks to spray Ripken with a full mace spray. Rome shouldn’t have cut him off here, something tells me this psychopath did have a million stashed away for this opportunity. The hatred was so real, not a troll job. You don’t just wake up 4 years after the retirement of the guy and call a radio show to rip into him.
  • Rome getting a Alex Cora and Hee Sop Choi sucks blast off.
  • Anytime you can be reminded of the greatest baseball card of all time, Billy Ripken you were a fuck face


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