Analyzing the Council Bluffs Prostitution Ring


Analyzing the Council Bluffs Prostitution Ring


Rusty Davis AKA the Godfather – Rusty was the brains of the operation. It’s a miracle with so much help behind him he was brought down. Prostitution in Council Bluffs quite simply doesn’t exist without Rusty. Expect him back out in the game sooner than later though as money talks in the CB Judicial system.


Ta Tiana Davis aka the Heidi Fliess of the operation. Rusty’s “Main Bitch” predatory hair and kept all the hoes in check. She will keep her mouth shut in trial but likely also see success in the prison as her skills translate well to the inside.


Aaron Fellows aka Pimp Game Billy Beane. Aaron is a legendary pimp. Known for recruiting hoes from as far east as Des Moines and as far west as Norfolk. Aaron’s pimp hand was strong and considered a #1 trustee of Rusty Davis.


Gary Curtis aka Old Balls the adviser. Gary was in the game back when Broadway was just dirt roads. An old school pimp to the max, he remained in the game as an adviser to Randy. He was recently released after a 4 year bid for selling viagra.


Christopher Graham aka Tech Geek. Council Bluffs prostitution recently took a step into the future as wifi internet on cricket phones has landed there, Randy enlisted Christopher to use craigslist as a means for selling hoes.


Courtney Flower aka the Main Earner. Courtney was a main earner on Broadway, bringing in at times $400 in a single weekend to pass up the tree. She was recruited out of the late Razzle Dazzle.


Charlene Michell aka Big Mama. A Council Bluffs treasure was Michell another bigtime earner for the Davis family. Would make the big bucks for a trick she performed with a billiards ball.


Jessica Walker AKA Hoe Game Russel Wilson. A Champion at such a young age, she had such a bright future in the hoeing game but at just 22 she could be back on the streets at 23. Could potentially take Courtney’s place as the premier hoe in the Council Bluffs territory.


Whitney Jones aka the Pedo’s dream. Blessed with such young lucks but shockingly 10 years deep in the prostitute game she supplied high demand for men in CB with a fetish for the “Barely Legal” looking woman who could still ride pipe.

There were a few more arrests made but names not available at this time. The CB Prostitution ring is a strong unit that will surely bounce back however much time it may take. The Prostitution ring did give a lot back to the community in terms of tax dollars on cheap liquor, smokes and shockingly, yes condoms. More on this story as it develops.


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