TBS & Fox Sports MLB Coverage is a disaster

With one of the most memorable postseasons going down in a long long time, four franchises with rabid, electric home crowds and most of the games being extremely watchable TBS and Fox Sports have dropped the ball with their coverage.

Hey TBS, when Pedro Martinez is the most well spoken person on your post game studio show you have a serious problem. Dusty Baker and Gary Sheffield are incomprehensible!

Who’s idea was it to let Cal Ripken anywhere near a microphone as well? I would love a follow up with Brad in Detroit, get his take on Cal’s performance

Ernie is basketball to me just as Joe Buck is football on Fox. But both do a fine job all things considered.

Harold Reynolds takes the cake though as the worst of the bunch. My man had a very good career in the majors but consistently game to game misses countless game situations that should have been ingrained into his DNA when he was in high school. Just today he suggested letting a foul ball drop on purpose from shallow right field in a 6-2 game with one out. You take the out for the run and clear out the bases Harold. He also suggested that the Royals Chris Young was tougher to hit than RANDY JOHNSON. Whom he is 0-5 in his career off of.

Anyways, classic playoffs. Me being smarter than most of the broadcasters wont ruin it for me, kind of enhances the experience.

BTW- Harold getting tossed out from the warning track by Bo Jackson is a top 100 MLB moment ever


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