Lets Pump the Breaks on the Cam = MVP talk NOW

Lots of chatter about Cam as your MVP this week after he led the Panthers on a game winning drive Sunday in Seattle. We need to all chill a bit on that. Tom Brady is still the most valuable player in the league.  Aaron Rodgers and Devonta Freeman are carrying their teams. Hell, you know who else I would rank ahead of Cam?

Yeah, “Swaggy D” Andy Dalton’s season is shitting on Cam’s

The case for Cam- he has a 5 and 0 record. That’s it.

Versus the trash of the trash in the NFL on a down year, wins come against the

1-5 Jaguars
2-4 Texans
2-4 Saints
2-4 Seahawks
2-3 Buccaneers

Yeah you play who’s in front of you, but shouldn’t you also put up stats if you’re going to be playing the dumpster fire of the NFL?
Checking in on his stats out of 34 QBs:
INTs: 2nd most
TDs: 6th least
Completion %: 33rd
Pass Rating: 24th
QBR: 22th
Yards: 25th
Yards/game: 30th

You know who those stats are very similar to?

Perennial NFL whipping boy, Kirk Cousins… Kirk Cousins has similar stats to Cam Newton!

Weeden, McCown, Bortles, Bradford all with better stats than Cam as well.

Not saying he won’t get there but as of right now with that cake schedule he hasn’t yet earned it. The schedule doesn’t exactly get tough either with games vs the Eagles, then Colts, Packers, Titans and Skins. But I’d bet (and I will, with my own money) that in about two months this Cam as MVP talk is an afterthought and we’re back to discussing if he’s overpaid or not.

h/t @furysfightpicks


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