Real Cute Cubs, the Royals Will Show You How To Deal With This…

The guy is standing on top of the plate just like David Ortiz does. The only problem here is he isn’t David Ortiz. He hasn’t earned that rite in baseballs unwritten rule book to just own the plate and strike zone. He’s getting fed right where he wants it and absolutely RAKING. The Cubs are far too soft, lovable loser is ingrained in their DNA they fold up back down and let him become their daddy.

A veteran pitcher like Chris Young or an absolute Dominican bad ass like Edinson Volquez will throw some sweet chin music and let Murphy know not today, not in this series. Then we can see if Daniel Murphy really is Iron Sheik Legend class.

PS Wrigley- why are you so soft? Throw some trash for me one time would you? Jason Hammel should have had to leave through the crowd and hope he made it out alive. Throw trash at him, boo him, he deserves it! The biggest game in franchise history and he comes out and shits all over your mound? Run him out of town for me one time!


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