The Most Obvious Prostitution Ring EVER broken up

Worlds most obvious Prostitution Ring busted

A prostitution ring across the street from a Jail is almost as aggressive as you can possibly get. It’s almost such a cocky move that you have to respect it and let them go on principal. I know if I was going to open a prostitution club when doing my city scouting the last place I would try to open is across the street from a damn jail. But that’s the genius here and why up until last October Louis Venditte was playing chess and I’m over here like a schmuck playing checkers. Kinda how when you lose your keys and then find them out in the open in the most obvious place ever. Hopefully Venditte can get his operation up on its feat and running again for another profitable run. Probably open it inside an middle school or a day care, pervs gonna perv.

Can we go ahead and crown Mr. Venditte Mr. Universe right now. Absolutely killing that suit, the hat, the shades, swagger on a trillion

BTW- I gotta get James Martin Davis on retainer and then have him put me in touch with those female Veterans. The Country loves Vets!


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