2015 Video of the Year – Real Life Dennis the Menace

I’m for sure late blogging this as the entire world had seen it 200 times already about 4 minutes after it came out two days ago. I figured it was just another fly by night funny internet clip, but nope, two days later I’m still watching and laughing at it.

Quick break down Zapruder style

00:01-00:06- You have to start off admiring my mans style. Black shades with the basketball jersey and shorts pulled up in true white man fashion 5 inches above his knee cap. A tremendous ode to white basketball players of the 80’s while simultaneously breaking out And 1 Mixtape move like he’s Jason “White Chocolate” Williams.

00:07-00:00:08- I’m going to guess this kid is about 12. In the middle of his Globetrotters routine he sees some tail and let’s out a smoother than silk “Hey Ladies!” I’m in my 30’s and can’t open with a woman that smoothly. If you listen closely one of these foul mouth tramps immediately scoffs back at him “FUCK YOU!” —- Not on this kids watch! Nuh uh! With a reaction time faster than Usain Bolt coming out of the block he launches an absolute rocket right at this foul mouthed girls dome.

00:08-00:09- KILL SHOT! Eat your heart out Chris Kyle. If our military has any sense at all they have already signed this kid up to a long term contract to snipe terrorists. The chick takes an absolute digger, pavement scrapes for days! Shouldn’t have run your mouths, equal rites equal fights, tough to be in class when Dennis is teaching.

00:10-00:15- “DENNIS!” There is a house wearing neon shoes standing there now. You can tell he is the Lennie to Dennis’ as George. Just like “Aw shit George did it again, went too hard on these hoes”

00:16-00:24- The lead chick starts marching towards Dennis and Lennie screaming more foul mouthed obscenities. Still all we’ve heard Dennis say is “Hey Ladies” does Dennis back down? NO! As the video comes to a close his big house shaped friend goes running for 20 seconds before he has to catch his breath and our last image is Dennis marching towards them. Into the fire he goes, Dennis will not back down.


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