Adele’s new music video is anti PC FIRE

Thank god the video didn’t end like the last time we saw our hero Michael with a female, asking him how her hair look.

Cause my girl Adele, a serious TWB(thick white b*tch, no biggie just an acronym I made up) still has some serious PIPES on her.

Best of all the message of the song a woman finally apologizing to a man for being absolutely terrible and causing the breakup. We have an ocean’s worth of songs with men = evil and the woman taking up no blame for whatever broke them up. Here we have the woman with the best voice in the game saying sorry for being ratchet or whatever she did to poor Mike. I have my anti-women rap songs, now give me them in pop music as well please.

That’s the message to me anyways, its art, subjective be cultured if you’re going to read me or else gtfoh


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