Terence Crawford stops Dierry Jean in the 10th Round

I love this dude Bud Crawford and how hard he rides for Nebraska and Omaha. I thought it was going to be Houston Alexander, but he was quickly exposed. Then I thought it would be Jake Ellenberger but he’s been garbage since moving out to LA (Hey Jake, maybe get a new camp. When Ronda Rousey’s mother is calling your head coach garbage may be time to rethink things). But now we have Crawford, certified charismatic real deal superstar out here riding for Nebraska. Hopefully this was his final fight in Omaha as he’s on to bigger and better things, mainly Pay Per View fights in Las Vegas.

Up next (hopefully) is Manny Pacquiao’s retirement fight next April. Crawford has all the tools to beat Manny and on paper it could be a great war.  Plus even if Manny gets up any rounds we all know boxing is fixed and Arum needs his next money maker so the fix will be in and Crawford gets the win that way. Win/Win situation here as he’ll be the underdog and I’ll put more than I can afford to lose on Crawford.


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