Each States Favorite Candy in 2015


Nebraska and Arkansas win for sure, everyone knows Skittles are the best. They are right there with Starburst but Yellow Starburst are way shittier than Skittles Yellow so Skittles gets the win. Plus when Skittles remixed it and brought Wild Berry it was the best candy remix in the game. Nebraska(and Arkansas) win.

Other thoughts-

Hey Texas, Wyoming, Tennessee, South Carolina and Oregon- CANDY CORN? Could you be more white trash? Disgusting. So disgusting it’s only sold for 6 weeks out of the year. November 1st you can grab kegs of Candy Corn for $10 and put it on display in any normal household for an entire year and any rational household won’t put a dent into it. Disgusting.

Oh and real cute Arizona, TOBLERONES? I’ve never seen one of these in person, only on 70’s shows like the Brady Bunch do Toblerone even exist. Be more out of touch Arizona, you can’t.

I can’t believe North Dakota even has Sour Patch Kids yet. Seems like they are stuck in the 60’s, only have Tootsie Rolls and Hershey Kisses.

Whoppers in Kentucky is just outrageous. You rednecks like eating Whoppers? Really? The only thing Whoppers are good for is projectiles at movie theaters.

I love you California but Life Savers? Could you be any more liberal and soft? Life Savers suck. But I will eat a entire pack of Butter Rum Life Savers if given the opportunity, eat them endlessly until they are stuck into cavities I didn’t even know I had and it’s too painful to eat anymore.

Gross ass Twix is such an Iowa move, doesn’t even remotely surprise me. Only Nestle Crunch would be more appropriate, not surprising Florida.

Almond Joy in Vermont, Tootsie Rolls in New Hampshire and Kit Kat’s in Montana are just perfect matches, Irrelevant candies for irrelevant states.

Hawaii for 100 Grand? The Islanders are crazy yo, get off the ice brah

Would have liked to see some love for my personal favorite candy Hot Tamales, but not everyone has as refined taste buds as me.


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