The Omaha MMA Scene is booming! Pre-Op Transgender has bout!!!

Courageous, Brave just two words that come to mind when I see Jason Russel a pre-op transgender male step into the Octagon.


Political Correctness is my pet peeve in life right now.

This county has been beaten down so badly with it that a fucking MAN with breast implants, comes into the octagon with a bra and skirt on and the entire crowd is too uncomfortable to even laugh at him. What’s even worse is you know the crowd wants to laugh, they’re all laughing to themselves, they are posting to snap chat laughing at him. But we cant do that in person. This clown is playing dress up, trying to get attention, doesn’t have a lick of fighting ability, just a circus side show and people can’t even laugh at him because of how politically incorrect it would be.

Had I been there I would have been laughing like I was in the crowd at Martin Lawrence Def Comedy Jam. You want to be a female? Cool, no problem with that but I reserve the rite to laugh at you when you decide to play fight. You want to play fight and make a mockery of things? Be a pro wrestler like me bro cause that was a pathetic fight.

BTW- Does his opponent Tyrone Ellington even bother telling his family and friends who couldn’t make it about the fight? Like, “Oh nah, my opponent no showed” more honor that way.

Wish list for next big MMA attractions
1. Dwarf
2. Mountain Lion
3. Kangaroo

ShoutOut – Animal Instinct for the video


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