It’s not all bad Cornhusker fans

While our football team is out there finding new ways to embarrass us on a week to week basis, at least we’ve got Alex Gordon out there representing for us. A game tying Home Run in the bottom of the 9th inning with one out in the World Series to take Eric Hosmer off the hook. The first 9th inning game tying homerun since Scott Brosius in 2001 and Familia’s first blown save in three months (guess who has two thumbs and bet the Mets that afternoon? This guy).  Alex Gordon is THE Nebraska Athlete.

While I’m thinking about our athletics embarrassing us we for sure aren’t claiming Suh any longer as he toils in irrelevance in Miami. Ameer Abdullah would be a great NFL ambassador for Nebraska, but he plays for the Lions. They’re more scum than the Cornhuskers currently are. At least we’ve had success at one point. Prince Amukamara is a stud for the Giants but he was getting stuffed into lockers by the Giants vets just two seasons ago and he was a virgin last I read. You’re a ripped, NFL stud, millionaire bro, clean it up. I know I was gushing over Bud Crawford earlier in the week but he’s a boxer, like 39 people watch boxing so that doesn’t count.
Our favorite white three point shooting preppies while not superstars are great representations in the NBA Doug McDermott and Kyle Korver. Must see a three point contest between them one day. Korver -150.

Well the game is headed to the 12th inning now, back to rooting on the Royals and observing Marlins Man, Tech N9ne and their cronies. Gotta love Marlins Man being taught gang signs.

h/t – @philip_doucette


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