Brazilian Kid Lives Out My Wildest Fantasy

Brazil seems like the best place ever. Kid just living out my dream with no repercussion just hitting the teachers with a Jordan Shrug when they have had enough.

The kid probably went to BJJ class after, played some soccer, maybe went and checked out the Brazilian Bum Bum contest.

All after living out one of my wildest fantasies. No less than 90% of my time spent in school I day dreamed of doing that. But I was a pussy white kid, not a savage Brazilian. I didn’t have it in me to pull that kind of anarchy off. If I expanded any further into my dreams of destroying a school the cops would be knocking my door within the hour so I’ll cut myself off there.

Really though, I’d be shocked though if Dana White isn’t already knocking this kids shack down throwing money at his family. A violent Brazilian already oozing charisma and personality? Sign em young, exploit em quicker.

Really though this is the only good video I’ve seen today and I wanted to put something up before going out for a bit so I’m blogging on the cheaps. Class room destruction and Brazilian ass, it could be worse.


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