I hate wrestling

For sure throw your Gi on ironing board before wearing it out for Halloween.

My lower back is in absolute shambles. I went to take time off last January and that wound up being about 34 days off without bumping (that’s falling on the ground on your back, not snorting cocaine). THIRTY FOUR DAYS is all I wound up taking, never got back into ring shape (yeah, I was never in shape ‘tevs). But the bumps for 14 years have really taken a tole on me and I’m really going to need to step away for a while sooner or later here.

Tony Cortez and I defended our PWP tag team titles against the Daniels brothers. It was an OK match, nothing offensively bad, won’t be one I remember in two days but I wasn’t hurt any extra so I’ll take it. Little comedy spots with their fat bald manager & them were received well, one face bump and we were out of there with the win. The small and quiet crowd was into it more than anything else to that point in the night.

Shout out to John Lee for bringing me a 6 Pack today along with my jacket that was in his car for the last few months as he is moving out to So Cal today. Best of luck to him.

After that just watched the remainder of the show and because Arik Cannon was in town that means I was drinking PBR on a Wednesday night. We went to some country western bar where they were doing line dances to mid 2000’s rap music. It was fucking bizarre.

Next show I believe will be November 29th at the Waiting Room and who knows beyond that.


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