Thousands of Tires Mysteriously Vanish in South O

Eyesore Cleaned Up Hours Before Court

Anyone watch the Leftovers? No? Just me? Thought so. It’s an HBO show where randomly years ago people just disappeared. They can’t find any rhyme or reason why it happened, just poof gone out of thin air. The first season was super depressing and really not that good but four episodes into season two and the show is getting very good. You could probably skip the first season and just jump into season two right now and not be too lost.

That’s all besides the point. That is a fictional show, what happened with these tires here is unexplainable. There is absolutely no way you just clean those tires up overnight. What we have here folks is our own case of the Leftovers. They just vanished with a stroke of good luck into the night. Life intimidating art.

Or he just drove a few blocks down 13th and paid four Mexicans to hop in the back of one of his cool red pick ups and they cleared that property out in 45 minutes for their pick of the litter off the McDonalds .99 cent menu and $40 each. I guess those are the only two options.

The star of the video though was Scotty here. Give me one Scotty patrolling my neighborhood watch over ten George Zimmermans any day of the week. Want to trash Scotty’s South O neighborhood with used tires? Get ready for court buddy, that’s littering!

And yo, Mike McKnight, chill on the jacket tucked into your pants look bro.


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