Vikings beat the bears to get to 5-2 and I’m all in…

Win at home vs the Rams next week followed by a win in Oakland and we’re 7-2 headed into a huge game with Green Bay. Hopefully the Broncos beat the Packers tonight and it potentially could be for the division.

Teddy was pretty terrible today but they still found a way to win (or the Bears found a way to lose, whatever) but plays that have bounced against us the last few seasons are going for us this year.  Stefon Diggs is my new favorite player, Adrian was out there trucking Bears like he does yearly & it was cool to see Charles Johnson is still alive, paging Cordarrelle Paterson. Things are looking up, a playoff contender for sure and Teddy will look great hoisting up his second or third Lombardi at home in Minnesota in 2018.

I fully realize I’m completely ahead of myself and we’ll finish 8-8, but I get to enjoy this for now.


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