A Study of Omaha on Halloween through a Police Scanner…

@MeanStreetsOma is one of the ten best follows on twitter. Nightly analyses of all the lunacy coming across the police scanners in Omaha is entertainment personified.  No better time than Halloween night to hop in and study what all went down in Omaha  that night.

Perfect start. 10:45 PM in Omaha, the police scanners are about to go H*A*M. Omaha aka the o.NE is the greatest city in the country*

*- Except New York, LA, Vegas, Dallas, Austin, Chicago, Atlanta, Miami, San Diego, well you get the point. But it is the greatest city in Nebraska or Iowa, that’s a indisputable fact.

Whoever called this in is just a complete asshole. Did you have to describe him as “balding” the guy obviously has his demons hes facing and you have to insult his hair loss? Just go with bald, short hair. Just let the dude in maybe.

Bike is an odd choice for getaway method after getting your domestic on. In fact, I’d rank it behind a Car, Feet, Roller Blades and Skate Board in preferred methods to flee after you beat your old lady up. I figure we’ve dodged most of the domestic calls this late at night as the Huskers season had ended just 9 hours prior.

Can’t say he didn’t get his monies worth.

If you follow Mean Streets you will know that the Mega Saver pops up pretty much every night. A shady operation is the Mega Saver. They sell gas cheaper likely cause it’s half water and are usually too busy hustling some poor guy out of his last $10 to sell him a $10 Boost Mobile only charger for his phone.  Average wait time – 8 Minutes. But they have the best shot selection for .99 cents in the city so you can’t hate there.

Somebody is salty they weren’t invited to the party. I was never invited to cool MIP parties when I was younger either (or now) keep your head up young buck.

Now that’s what I’m talking about. Some good old fashioned running game. No tinder, no snapchat, these young fellas are out there putting their boots to the streets to get some poon-tang! That’s old fashioned, that’s how we did it in 2001. You follow some chicks home and knock on their bedroom windows til they give up those digits. Not creepy at all.

White people have no chill.

Give it to me.

When life imitates art? Or something.

That’s just drunk driving 101 right there, you drive a conversion van you’re so down on your luck then why on earth would you compile the problems with a DUI? Classic zig when they zag type scenario here, this guy must have been on one. Probably playing with house money, drunk drove that bad boy for 15 years with no suspicion.

I mean, clearly she was supposed to have beer in that pitcher for my guy here right?

Right about here at 1:45am the shooting happened at the Slowdown. Not going to cover any of that read about it at Wowt.com RIP Jamar Fields.

How I’m feeling after reading a bunch of tweets about a shooting. Kinda kills the fun

Fuck that! Don’t want, NEED to party with California Eddie! California Eddie lives on island time bro, don’t tell him the bar closes, where do you get off? It’s 5 O’clock somewhere! Someone has to know California Eddie, tell him to slide into my DM’s! First Sixer at a playground is on me.


Back off Kevin, he’s my new friend.

It was then that a drunk woman stuck her hand in a Tiger cage at the zoo. But that’s an entire blog in itself.

Thanks to @MeanStreetsOMA (http://meanstreetsoma.com/) for logging all of the entertainment. If you enjoyed reading this please share, thanks!

Oh and about that severed cow head… ARE YOU READY?

I warned you….



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