Half Naked Man Wrestles Mountain Lion to Rescue His Pup

Video via KETV at the link –


My ceiling in life is Kirk Fetter Life. California based home owner, 5 O’clock shadow on point, flow for days well into his late 40’s.  I’m sure he’s an Alabama fan too which is way cooler than being a Nebraska fan. The guy also has a daughter so that means he’s had sex in the last few years, sex is pretty cool I hear. Kirk Fetter Life is the best life.  Well, aside from having to run into the wilderness naked to save your dumb mutt from being attacked by a Mountain Lion. I mean Kirk, you live in the forest and are leaving that mangy ass dog outside, what did you think would happen?  That’s like sticking your hand into a Malaysian Tiger cage and expecting not to be bit.

The look on Tiki’s face says it all-
“What the fuck Kirk, thanks for wrestling a Mountain Lion naked to defend me but come on bro, let me sleep inside and I wouldn’t have had to see your dong rolling around in the leaves”

Btw- Kirk how big was the tale?


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