Jacquie Eide SPEAKS!!!!

Thirty-three-year-old Jacqueline Eide, the Omaha woman bitten by a tiger after breaking into the Henry Doorly Zoo early Sunday morning, posted a statement on her Facebook page Tuesday.

“Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers!!! For those who know me well, the true me, know not to believe everything they hear and/or read in the media. This story has gone national and has been extremely exaggerated. I have read so many terrible things about myself, have been bullied online, harassed with texts, emails and voicemails….I have lost clients due to the backlash of negative media coverage and horrible comments people have been saying, along with my criminal record being exposed……I couldn’t get a peaceful hospital rest due to numerous phone calls/visits from CNN, the local media, calls from family I haven’t talked to in years…..I am grateful for my friends who have reached out, truly caring about my well being. Anyone who knows me well knows I’d never provoke any kind of animal, I cannot say much but I can let everyone know I will be just fine and the media is making my injuries out to be much worse than they really are. I was not on drugs, I was in severe shock and very scared at the thought of losing parts of my hand. Surgery went well and I’ll be undergoing additional surgery in the future. Thank you very much for your kindness, I love you all. ♡”


Team Edie here. When Edie speaks, people listen, she puts asses in the seats. The true victim here and the media won’t leave her the hell alone. What did she really do that was all that bad? Supply Mai the Malaysian Tiger with a little extra protein in his diet? What’s wrong with that? Why must the media come interrupt her hospital sleep? Have you ever had hospital sleep? It’s one of the best kinds of sleep out there, pumped full of meds & oxygen to sober you up, hot nurses, apple sauce and oats with a skyline view when you wake up.

Absolutely love that CNN had a reporter trolling around Creighton Med trying to get a exclusive with the moron who put their hand in a Tiger cage drunk on Halloween-

“Go there, this is CNN!”

Didn’t know googling pics of Wolf Blitzer was on the docket today, but shit happens.


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