I Can’t Wait For Nebraska To Shove Iowa Back In It’s Locker

The first BCS Rankings just came out and Iowa is riding high ranked #9 in the country. Full rankings here (1. Clemson 2. LSU 3. Ohio St. 4. Alabama).

Whoopdy freaking doo Iowa, congrats on the pinnacle of your College Football existence. Getting ranked 9th in the first BCS poll of the year.  In Iowa they celebrate 9th place in Nebraska we run you out of town if you win nine games. Barring an upset they will be undefeated headed into Lincoln on November 27th. I hope they are and they make it all the way up to a fourth place on Thanksgiving week. Tickle their full little balls just enough for Nebraska to pick them up, turn them sideways and stuff their candy asses right back into the locker they belong in.

Sure Nebraska football is a gross embarrassment right now, but I’m off that, who cares about old shit? The more things change the more they stay the same.  Nebraska football will not lose to Iowa football when it has the prime opportunity to rip the collective fan bases hearts out. Players and coaches, X’s and O’s Iowa has us beat everywhere other than what’s most important- they are Iowa we are Nebraska, thus we are better.  The Huskers can and probably will get the shit beat out of them the next couple weeks but Riley and the bunch can go out on a high note on Black Friday by ruining Iowa’s hilarious cute little championship hopes.

We salvage this disgusting season in a few weeks.


One thought on “I Can’t Wait For Nebraska To Shove Iowa Back In It’s Locker

  1. Jake November 5, 2015 / 10:20 am

    Bro Nebraska couldn’t even beat Purdue… If you think that Nebraska is going to beat Iowa you need to get your head checked out. Every team that Iowa has beat Nebraska has lost to this season. Nebraska is the joke of college football… Had the lead throughout quite a few games and then eat a dick in the 4th quarter… Maybe Nebraska should stick at doing what it does best… Make future gangbangers and future criminals… I think they are due for some new mugshots on the Nebraska hall of fame…


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