I HATE These 6th Graders Trying To Open A Grocery Store


Sixth graders hope to open a grocery store in Hamburg, Iowa

HAMBURG, Ia – For the past eight years the town of Hamburg, Iowa has been trying to bring a grocery store back to town.  But, they couldn’t seem to get the ball rolling, that was until a group of six graders devised the perfect plan.

They may seem like your typical tweens.

“She’s president, I’m secretary and he’s nothing,” said sixth grader Alyson Barker.


It took me a minute to figure out what “tweens” were there. The Omaha World Herald didn’t fill me in(Blog here), was completely lost there. Step up World Herald.

You don’t even have a grocery store Hamburg, Iowa? What part of the game is that? Step it the fuck up, you have 6th graders rallying the troops to open a store so they can have cheese on their shitty little hamburgers? How pathetic is that? Be a better town, city, village whatever you are Hamburg. You can grab a Lucky 7’s scratch off, a pack of Newport’s and 40 of Old English on any corner in North Omaha but cheese is a rare commodity in Hamburg?

Get a load of sixth grader Alyson Barker as well, just pointing some random kid out “he’s nothing” what a stuck up little bitch!  We need to stop her now before she’s heading up some kind of feminist movement and trying to delete me from the internet.

But as big of pricks these little kids are how embarrassed should their parents be? Your shitty little kids are heading up the get a grocery store movement while you guys are too busy churning butter and riding tractors to get them a god damn piece of cheese?

There’s over 1,200 people in Hamburg, I’ve wrestled there for crying out loud. Get it together Hamburg you’re embarrassing yourself.

Well, maybe I am bagging on Hamburg for lacking something so simple a bit too much, I mean I should give them props for actually maintaining a school… and a classy strip club #Priorities

h/t- mounta


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