Any Dudes Lacking In The Bedroom – My Friend Recommends the “Big Bang” Pill

This is an unpaid advertisement. A Good friend of mine shared this story with me and I figured I would pass it along to help out any of my readers who may or may not be having performance issues in the bedroom. Let him take it away-

Ever use those sex supplements you find at the convenience store? I always thought they were bullshit, but one of my friends swore that they worked. I remember taking one last year when I had this 18 year old Russian freak I was fucking with that couldn’t get enough dick, I fucked that ho 13 times from Saturday night till Monday morning when she left. Those pills really work! They’re called Big Bang.

Last weekend I went to University of Florida’s homecoming with my friend who used to go to school there. There’s a ton of poontang at that school! I had plans to see the blonde girl I showed you a pic of on Sunday night when I got back, and I needed to put in a good performance. The problem was, I tagged one girl Friday and skeeted off 3 times that night, and another (19 year old) one Saturday and skeeted off 3 more times, plus I hadn’t been sleeping well since I was on the road, and I’d be driving 8 hours on Sunday to get back to Miami. My energy reserves (and my nutsac) were depleted. It was like a trap game in sports, I was like a basketball team playing on the 2nd day of a back-to-back, on the road.

Thankfully I remembered the Big Bang pills. She came over around 10pm as I was eating. I took a Big Bang right before I ate. About 15 minutes after I eat I start tagging it. I put in one of my all-time great performances. I was rock hard for the better part of 2 hours. I shot 3.5 loads in that time, it was ridiculous. This girl must have squirted literally 8 or 9 times, she told me nobody had ever fucked her like that before. I had an ace up my sleeve that night bro!

Available here –
UNPAID ADVERTISEMENT!!!But I for sure would sell my soul for pennies, so anyone wanting some advertisement get at me!


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