Bro Shows Up To Court In His X-Games Gear and Go-Pro To Keep His Strip Club Open

Strip club owner, lawyer stomp out of Hall County Board meeting; ‘This is the worst place in America,’ attorney says

GRAND ISLAND, Neb. — A Lincoln businessman and his New York attorney stomped out of a Hall County board meeting Tuesday morning, just seconds after the board passed new zoning regulations overseeing adult-oriented businesses.

Businessman Shane Harrington, who wore a camera on his ballcap that was recording throughout, testified before the board during a Tuesday morning public hearing on why he felt the zoning regulations — and stipulations outlined in a new county ordinance prohibiting public nudity — were unfair to the strip club he has been trying to open in Hall County since late last year.


Worst place in America eh?  Hey buddy, that’s Nebraska you’re talking about.  And according to the article you come from NEW YORK.  Last I checked New York has rats out there the size of mountain lions, rats hailing cabs, New York is literally the rat capital of the world. Get off your high horse before you come in here dissing anything Nebraska bro.

While I support their cause. You should be able to open up a fine gentleman’s establishment anywhere you want in the country. Maybe consider some different court attire next time Shane? You’re in a court room, not the Mountain Dew X-Games dude.  As a strip club owner you’re already fighting an uphill battle in the eyes of the general population, maybe a suit and tie would have started you out on a more level playing field.  What’s with the Go-Pro? You’re not a black man, you don’t gotta worry about an unsolicited attack from the police in Grand Island dude. Chill.

Also the number one bachelor party location is Hall County? Uhhhh, where do you get your stats? From the Shane Harrington research center of Hall County?  I guess I’ll keep that in mind when I throw my next bachelor party, Hall County Strippers or Vegas strippers. Tomato/Tomato.

Anyways, while a couple of easy targets (Scumbag New York lawyer and eXtreme Go-Pro wearing bro) let the dude open his club up wherever.  I’ve been to backwoods dirt road clubs before and there is not much scarier… other than a New York Subway.


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