MMA – Bet The Board – Bellator 145

I’m going to try something new and downright idiotic. Bet every MMA fight available to me for the remainder of the year starting with Bellator 145 on Friday night. Not betting much 1 to 5 units per fight, mostly 1-2 unit’s per fight but if I really like something could get as high as 5. One unit = $10 to begin.  The fights are on Spike TV at 8:00 Friday night.

(1) Daniel Straus ML (-115) $23.00 $20.00

vs Patricio Freire
The Pitbull brothers have already been out fighting in public this week attacking Will Brooks (Story at MMAJunkie). Doesn’t bode well for having two fights in one week. Plus Daniel Straus is Chris Partlow reincarnated. Don’t fuck with Chris, I’ll take the even odds.

(2) Will Brooks ML (-450) $90.00 $20.00

vs Marcin Held
Contradicting myself 101 right here. Will Brooks is a beast, he may have taken a loss 6 on 1 to Team Pitbull he gets a easy win back on his record here days later.

(3) Justin Lawrence ML (-190) $38.00 $20.00

vs Emmanuel Sanchez
I feel like Justin Lawrence was a case of too much too soon in the UFC at only 22 years old(Sage Northcutt you’re next). He’s going to get on a roll now and I see him back in the UFC soon.

(1) David Rickels ML (+650) $10.00 $65.00

vs Michael Chandler
Chandler is one of my favorite fighters. We share birthdays and he’s going to smash Rickels here I’m 98% sure. But Rickels “caveman” nickname is dope and he’s a friend of a friend so I’ll take the chance on him at a huge underdog price.

(2) Bobby Lashley ML (-400) $80.00 $20.00

vs James Thompson
Thompson is a loser and stud pro wrestlers beat losers every single time. Next up Kimbo for Lashley??

0-0 ytd


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