Bet The Board – UFC Fight Night 77 + Bellator 145 Review

Quick Recap of Bellator 145 last night (My Preview Here) –

Justin Lawrence lost a razor close decision to Emmanuel Sanchez. Sanchez said he wants to be the Oscar DeLaHoya of MMA, pump your breaks homie. The fight turned very late in the second round when Sanchez got a headkick knockdown and stunned Lawrence. I had no problem with the decision. -3.8 Units

Bobby Lashley as expected ran right through James Thompson. Thompson was there to get his check and collected it in 54 seconds. +2 Units

Bobby’s cut-man Dean Lassister was electric as well, give me all these shirts

Michael Chandler lost points off the bat for coming out to the “I’m Coming Home” song, so cliché, be better Chandler, we share a birthday bro. Rickels was +650, that price is always worth it except when it’s not. Chandler absolutely dusted him, complete different level of Mix Martial Artists here, a loss as expected. -1 Unit

(thx @ZProphet_mma for Vines)

Will Brooks cruised to a dominant one-sided victory against Marcin Held.  I gave Held the first but that’s all he had, he showed up. +2 Units

Bellator announced Royce Gracie vs Ken Shamrock and Kimbo Slice vs DaDa 5000 at their next show in February. Bellator is a beautiful disaster.

Daniel Straus defeated Patricio Freire via 5 Round Unanimous decision. Excellent fight, Straus almost faded at the finish and Pitbull came on but he pulled it off. Straus says he broke his hand in the first round. Great performance on both ends. +2 Units

Finish 3-2 and +1.2 Units, That Lawrence fight really fucked me.

Now Spike TV brings me a block of COPS! Excellent.

Onto UFC Fight Night 77 from Brazil. I love MMA but man did that month-long break the UFC just gave me feels good. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and only giving me a break from losing money is nice as well.  I’m only going to bet the stuff on television, beginning at 7 O’clock Central on Fox Sports 1.

(1) Guida wins by decision pk (-115) $11.50 $10.00

vs Thiago Tavares
Guida is so boring and will grind out Tavares to a boring decision win, I’d risk more but have no intent on catching this fight.

(2) Chas Skelly ML (-175) $35.00 $20.00

vs Kevin Souza
Skelly is an absolute monster. He went toe to toe with for my money the #1 prospect in MMA, Nebraska’s Mirsad Bektic and lost a decision. That one loss is an excellent one on his resume he will run through Souza. Fun fact is Kevin Souza’s real name is Edmilson, he goes by Kevin though. You lose based on that, never ditch your dope Brazilian name for some generic white boy name dude.

(3) Fight goes distance pk (-125) $25.00 $20.00

Yan Cabral vs. Johnny Case
Just a guess here, zzz.

(4) Abel Trujillo ML (+105) $30.00 $31.50

Trujillo was beat by one of my best friends Alonzo Martinez a few years ago, so always have to pull for him to improve Zo’s resume. Guy looks like the last person you’d want to run into in a dark ally.

(5) Fabio Maldonado ML (+335) $10.00 $33.50

vs Corey Anderson
Where the fuck does Corey Anderson get off being this kind of favorite? He’s taking the fight on short notice filling in for Tom Lawlor who pulled out from a concussion. Maldonado has an iron chin and is worth the shot at over three to one.

(6) Magomedov wins by decision pk (+130) $10.00 $13.00

Gilbert Burns vs. Rashid Magomedov
Both big time prospects, I look for neither to take any huge risks and we get a close decision.

(7) Alex Oliveira ML (-220) $44.00 $20.00

vs Piotr Hallmann
Alex Oliviera is 27 years old going on 77, how can’t you route for that? Old man strength and savvy on a hundred thousand trillion

(8) Anthony Birchak ML (+300) $10.00 $30.00

vs Thomas Almeida
Almeida should win this fight as the line suggests, but he does get hit and Birchak knocked Joe Soto out as a huge underdog last time.

(9) Fight goes distance pk (+155) $20.00 $31.00

Patrick Cummins vs Glover Teixeira
Teixeira probably wins a 2-1 decision where he the fight gets stalled out on the ground long enough to go the distance.

(10) Ends in round 1 pk (-115) $57.50 $50.00

Dan Henderson vs Vitor Belfort
I’m rooting for Hendo here to land an H-Bomb early, if not I can’t see him making it out of round 1. Hopefully they both inject all the steroids and go out with a bang in what should be each man’s retirement fight.


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