Alien Chillin In The Crowd At Raw & My Itinerary For The Remainder Of Their Trip 


Cruise over Los Angeles on Saturday night, take in the scenery & stunt a little light show. Then head over to England to take in some Monday night/day Raw blending in. Aliens just taking in the Earth culture, gotta respect them not just coming in lasers a blazing.

As a un official alien consigliere here are my suggestions for how to close out your week –

Tuesday – head out to the Midwest for some Tuesday night college football MAC action. Toldedo/Central Michigan and Kent St/Ohio, sink your teeth into that aliens!

Wednesday head down to Memphis and take in Stephen Curry playing basketball. Dude actually may be one of you, might want to check up on him.

Thursday you’ve heard of the NFL I take it? Well the Bills and Jets are playing in New York that night. Check out Bills Mafia they’re a treat. While you’re out around New York beware of the rats, there everywhere, filthy disgusting vile place.

Friday is getaway day, you have a long trip down to Australia for Saturday’s UFC show. Plus give the humans a day to breathe before you leave after your grand finale. Hit that UFC show up, enjoy yourselves. But one last request after your week stay on earth, see that island next to Australia? That’s New Zealand, nothing but weirdos and criminals there. Blow that shit off the map and call it a millennium. You’ll never stop being talked about, that’s how you leave your mark.

Oh quick if you have time, a hilarious prank for you, there’s this fake space movie coming out called Star Wars, find all the copies of it and destroy it before nerds can see it. They’ve been walking around with nerd boners for years waiting on this just put them all on the biggest episode of Punk’d ever.


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