I Want Cat Dad’s Head On A Silver Platter

Hey Cat Dad bro, fuck you man. No really, fuck you!

Acting like he didn’t know he was going to scare the shit out of his little kitty cats right there was so disingenuous. You know what you were doing with that creepy as all hell cat mask on you loser.  Those cats are just minding their own god damn business and probably got scarred for life with that little stunt.

There are two things I know about cats. One their trust must be earned, but when you earn it you get a friend, a partner, a cuddle buddy for life. But cats also don’t forget.

Cats will never forget and it may not be tonight, it might not be tomorrow or next week. But one day, Cat Dad… One day they will get their vengeance. Oh yes, they will. Bella, Tiger, Chloe, Oliver and Jasper will be back. It may be while you sleep, enter your room quietly and in the beautiful silence of the night, while you are deep in your rems they will unleash a symphony of violence on your face, shred it to pieces while you shriek in horror. Bleeding, trying to hold your eye balls and nose in place all because you had to make a viral video? Well, it is then and only then can things be called even.

By the way loser, whats with the crib for your cats? Anyone who knows anything knows cats shouldn’t be around baby cribs. Do you not even let them lounge around on the couch? Hopefully they keep that in mind when they attack, reducing their bed to just a crib is straight up animal abuse cc: @Peta


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