I’m Outraged By People Being Outraged About Starbucks Red Cups

They seem pretty basic and nothing to get upset about, right?


Some are livid that the company is trying something different — and that the phrase “Merry Christmas” is nowhere to be found on the cups.

People are tweeting that the new cups don’t promote Christmas; others are taking it a step further, encouraging customers to tell baristas their name is “Merry Christmas” as a way to protest the red cup redesign.


I could post six stories a day about my outrage at people being outraged over idiotic basic shit, but I can’t start that. I let it just slide off my back and ignore it for the most part but these idiots being offended and “protesting” Starbucks really got me.

Hey morons, you don’t protest by buying their shitty coffee and writing “Merry Christmas” on the cup you just overpaid by $6 for, then uploading a free advertisement and hashtag to twitter and Facebook. That’s the opposite of protesting.  You want a real protest?  Don’t buy their shitty coffee, roll up to your local Starbucks and throw a Christmas tree at your hipster barista, that’s how you start a movement people.


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