Ronda Rousey Going After Lube & The Men Who Use It

(she talks about lube up until the 2 minute mark)

On one hand I’m all about hoochies just sitting around taking shop about sex time in an unfiltered manner. But the other you have to take in mind who Ronda is banging…


I think I side on with too much info here toots. Knowing the work Travis  Browne is putting in the bedroom is next to last of things I ever needed to know. Guy is a disgusting warrior savage, probably actually enjoys munching box for hours on end with no reciprocation. But that’s just an old ugly guy trick, gotta start em off hot cause you’re gonna be flaming out real quick when the wood gets tossed into the fire.

Explains her dumping Brendan Schaub though. Guy is a certified smokeshow, he’s probably used to having his way with women. Lazy in bed relying on some lube to get things done, shortcut city.

I see Ronda working though, not nearly the buzz for the fight this Saturday vs Holly Holm as the last fight with Betch Correira. She did that “do nothing bitches” promo the week of that fight and it began to gain traction after that. I’m just not sure if talking about lube is gonna have that same girl power effect to bump buyrates this time, the fights a joke.


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