Don’t Be Honey Dicking Us Now Iowa

Iowa is the fifth best team in the country? Excuse me for a second….




It’s so close I can almost taste it. You think defeating an undefeated Michigan St. team on Saturday night was sweet?  Multiple that by a million, knocking Iowa out of the playoff while thinking they are on the brink of being the playoff will be just TOO SWEEEEEEEET

Oh god, the big bad Hawkeyes coming into Lincoln on Black Friday only to get their asses kicked and shoved back into their locker would be just amazing. I know you’re not used to being considered an OK team let alone a good team Iowa, just don’t blow it.  You beat Minnesota and Purdue at home before coming to Lincoln, that’s two very small things to ask of you. Just be undefeated, be in the title hunt and let the Huskers end their season on a high note by ruining yours. It’s a date Iowa, now don’t mess it up.

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