Omaha Man Blows 3 Times Legal Limit With 6 Kids In The Whip

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) – A man is accused of driving drunk with six children in the car Tuesday evening.

Michael Eugene Hall, 29, was booked into jail after police say they stopped him for swerving and crossing the center line around 10 p.m. near 30th and Grant streets.

Officers say they saw six children, none wearing seat belts or using car seats, in the Chevy Impala Hall was driving.

“The kids in the vehicle were aged 12, 4, 3, 3, 2, and eight months. Not one child had a car seat or seatbelt on. Hall advised that none of the kids were his children, stating ‘none of the passengers were my [expletive] kids,’” the reporting officer wrote in the arrest report.

While officers arranged for safe rides home for the children, Hall was taken to police headquarters where investigators said they determined his blood alcohol level to be .310.G

He faces six counts of operating a vehicle with minor children under the age of 16, five counts of child restraint, one count of DUI – third offense, failure to maintain a lane and driving under suspension.

Oh, whew. Close one there. Cause if those were his kids, that would be just a terrible situation driving four times the legal limit with six kids not buckled up. Luckily he cleared that up for the cops. No harm no foul.

But really, what the hell was this dude doing running with basically a starting basketball team plus a bench player that don’t even belong to him?  Dude if anything it’s 10 PM, those little maniacs should have been asleep for an hour by now.
Now driving that drunk with that many people is an awful thing to do. But I’m not trying to jump to conclusions, but I’m going to –  Maybe maybe it’s even worse? Hopefully the cops are looking into that. I don’t want to hang out with some shitty kid sober let alone on “me time” aka when I’m getting drunk, this dude is rolling with a gang?  I’m just saying throwing him into the sex offender registry now for good measure, a little thing called pre-crime –
Precrime (today usually spelled “pre-crime“) is a term coined by science fiction author Philip K. Dick. It is increasingly used in academic literature to describe and criticise the tendency in criminal justice systems to focus on crimes not yet committed.
That drunk, that many kids in the car, dude for sure is a child abuser of some sorts.  For good measure probably send the 12-year-old for a stint in juvenile hall as well. He’s old enough to know better, too young to care? Not an excuse kid, get the rest of your gang and get out of there. At .310 a small gust of wind could have knocked Michael Eugene Hall over.

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