Shia Labeouf Is Letting You Watch All Of His Movies With Him, Watch All My YouTube Content With Me

Shia LaBeouf, an actor whose erratic behavior often veers into the realm of bizarre performance art, has invited us all to watch him watch his movies — all 27 of them, in reverse chronological order.

After spending about 24 hours camped out in the Angelika Film Center on Houston Street in Manhattan, Mr. LaBeouf was still going strong on Wednesday morning with his “All My Movies” project. At the theater and online, people could watch a live stream that showed Mr. LaBeouf staring at the movie screen, wearing a white hooded sweatshirt and a blank expression.


You can watch here if you’re sick and twisted  –

You dog you Shia, what a genius marketing ploy but you forgot one thing dude, kind of a key ingredient man, free? Who the fuck lets a bunch of strangers hang around them for free!? You’re letting anyone just waltz into that theater and watch your catalog with you for free? That’s at least worth the price of admission for each movie. Letting all the bums and rats of New York City hang out with you without a charge is absolutely ludicrous. You’re famous dude, reap the rewards!

Since the Mega Millions didn’t comply with my demands to give me was is rightfully mine (30 Million dollars) I’ve decided to offer up a similar benefit to get me some coin. I’m a lot like Shia, eccentric, full of myself with a sweet man bun/rat tail so figure why can’t I get similar results but by doing it right? You can come over and watch my entire YouTube catalog with me.  I have hidden gems on there nobody would ever find.  Also, I’ll provide commentary. Not just sit on my ass with nothing to say.

Join me to figure out the ins and outs of my comedic (non) genius. Just how drunk was I in the Original Catfish Promo?

Did I get some after the Country’s night out?

Is Bubbles Burr’s tattoo real?

Venmo me, Pay Pal Me, bring me Cash whatever. For just the low price of $200 per person you can come to my place and watch all of YouTube content on the couch alongside me. BYOB as well.

That’s how it’s done Shia. Coulda had yourself an extra $10,000 lined in your already rich pockets for this genius publicity stunt.

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