Bet The Board- UFC 193

7-6 and +3.35

Weak card on paper and only going to be getting involved with the Pay-Per-View portion of the show.  I will also be adding my anticipation level for each fight on a scale of 1-5.

(1) Jared Rosholt ML (-115) $34.50 $30.00

vs. Stefan Struve

Anti Struve bet here. Struve is the biggest waste of height in combat sports of all time. The guy doesn’t use his jab at all and lets people get in on him rather easily. He had an anxiety attack before his fight with Matt Mitrione two years ago from nerves and is about to fight in front of more fans in any UFC show in history. Struve is not built for the atmosphere. Rosholt will get him down and grind him out in a boring, likely 3 round decision.

Anticipation – 2

We won’t be getting anything like this

(2) Uriah Hall ML (-145) $29.00 $20.00

vs. Robert Whitaker

Uriah Hall is a one spinning kick vs Gegard Moussai from not even being in the position to get this fight, he was well on his way to losing that fight.  Which Uriah shows up is always the hardest part to figure out in his fights.  I’m going to bank on him carrying the momentum over here just under two months after the Gegard win to take out a very tough Whitaker who may be feeling the pressure from fighting in his home country.

Anticipation – 4

(3) Mark Hunt ML (-280) $140.00 $50.00

vs. Antonio “Big Foot” Silva

These two fought to a draw in December of 2013 in what may have been the best Heavyweight MMA fight of all time

and this is a fight that shouldn’t even be taking place. Big Foot Silva looked terrible his last fight beating Soa Palelei.  Silva is not the same fighter without TRT which he rightfully should have an exemption for but can’t get with the drug testing rules

Mark Hunt took an absolute savage beating from Stipe Miocic his last fight in Australia as well, a fight that should have been stopped much earlier than it was.  I think this is the last time we see Silva in the UFC, he’ll be doing freak show fights in Bellator this time next year. Hunt while being just 1-1-3 in his last five probably has one last run in him. I can see him beating any lower tier UFC Heavyweights but anyone in the top 15 should handle him at this point. He finishes Silva by the second this time.

Anticipation – 3

(4) Round 3 starts pk (-120)

Letourneau vs Jedrzejczyk – Round 3 to start
Scheduled: 11/14/15 9:00 PM (CST)
Type: UFC 193 – Letourneau vs Jedrzejczyk
Sport: Other Sports – MMA – Game (#99213)
$60.00 $50.00

What a joke of a fight. Joanna JanJerkoff is going to steam roll this nobody, what the hell is Valerie Letourneau doing as the co-main of a PPV? At 115 pounds she lacks the power to stop the fight with just a couple shots. Joanna wins it by sympathy stoppage in the fourth or fifth or a decision.

Anticipation – 2

(1) Any other outcome pk (+100)

Holm vs Rousey – Ronda Rousey to win in the first 2:30 of Round 1
Scheduled: 11/14/15 10:00 PM (CST)
Type: UFC 193 – Holm vs Rousey
Sport: Other Sports – MMA – Game (#99204)
$50.00 $50.00

I see you working ladies, I see you. But I’m not going to fall for it.

This fight has significantly less hype behind it than the last two Rousey fights so here is a last ditch effort to build some anticipation. I appreciate the sentiment but it falls hollow and empty to me.  Holm will consider making it out of the first round a victory and Rousey will allow her to live and put some damage on.

Rousey and Joanna Champion are the two biggest favorites in UFC history. Neither will lose, a parlay would be safe as can be but with the little return on investment I won’t go there. I’m much more than likely to be on the other end of losing a bet on the biggest favorite in UFC history than I am to win a bet on the largest dog in history.

If Ronda doesn’t end it early we could be in for one of the most boring title fights in UFC history, stylistically not a fun match up.

Anticipation – 2

I’ll be watching the show, but that’s just out of habit. Not much intrigue at all. Jake Matthews a young stud prospect fights on the undercard, he will look to win in impressive fashion as the UFC is looking to build him up.

Overall anticipation level – 2

On the other hand in about a month UFC 194 is fucking bananas. Conor vs Aldo, Jacare vs Romero, Wiedman vs Rockhold all on top are 5s. Jeremy Stephens vs Max Holloway to open the show? Fuck that card is going to be too sweet!

I’ll be back to rundown the show real quick Sunday morning.


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