I Hate This Bitch

Via Facebook –

Took my grandma on a nice walk yesterday for about a hour. She told me that was one of the best days of her life,and she thank me for being there for her and loving her the way I do.That lil woman knows what to say to make my heart feel so good. I love you my sweet grandma always,forever and a day. I am truly blessed and highly favored.

Two of my bros summed it up best


this shit encapsulates what a petulant, self-absorbed cunt she is. Takes her grandma out for a “walk” only to brag about it, and leave Me-Ma with the handbrake on in the middle of rape road while she takes enough selfies to make a collage. But her beloved grandma isn’t even worth enough to be turned around in the pic. No, just have her creepily facing the opposite way like some horror movie jump scare. Ugh, I hate these dumb hoes. If you gonna be a dumb attention whore, at least have the decency to be a bad bitch. Do squats, get some tittie or ass implants, DO YOUR GOTDAMN HAIR. Nothing worse than a thirst trap with no work ethic and average looks. Be attractive enough to make me make excuses for your fuckery



I’m not saying that’s a thrift shop mannequin with a wig on in the wheelchair but I’m also not 100% convinced it’s an actual human being

Couldn’t have possibly said it better myself.

Bonus material and people to hate –

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