UFC 193 Review

I went 4-1 and won 15.1 on the show bringing my record to 11-7 and +18.36 since I began tracking.

Leaving the PWP wrestling show in Council Bluffs I missed the first fight. Which after my preview you know was no big deal, as predicted Jared Rosholt grinded Steve Struve out to a boring decision victory to win +3 for me.

Robert Whitaker proved to be the real deal defeating Urijah Hall by decision.  I’ve bet against Whitaker his last few fights now and been burned each time. His KO win of Brad Tavares and Clint Hester before this are proven legit now. This was my one loss of the show -2.9. I don’t discount Hall as being out yet, he could use a break as it was his third fight in 90 days or so.

Big Foot vs Hunt did not live up to the first fights expectations. Without the TRT Silva just isn’t the same guy, he got taken out rather easily and depressingly. He’s not built for the UFC any longer, I’m down to see him in some freakshow fights in Bellator though. Plus five more here on Hunt.

Joanna Jedrzejczyk won a tougher than expected fight.  I will be against Joanna in her next fight. This chick doesn’t deserve the type of respect Vegas gives her. Like Ronda was, her time is running out as well.  I still couldn’t pick Valerie Letorneau out of a police lineup. Another five in the bag on this one going over the three rounds.

As someone who is habitually wrong, I think the most wrong I’ve ever been is about this fight. I just didn’t think Holm belonged here and Rousey would thrash her in a couple rounds. WRONG. WRONG…. WRONG. Completely outclassed. Rousey never had good standup to begin with (Something the UFC likes to tell you, but no, no she is a below average standup fighter with terrible technique).

I’m not all about kicking someone when they’re down but Ronda live by the sword, die by the sword. They were entertaining on Saturday and shes going to make so much money in the rematch.  Ronda opened at -300 and was bet down to -170 right away.  Having just done all that trash talking on Rousey, being the idiot I am, I will be betting her in the rematch.

The worst part of these major fights is when idiot wrestlers have to interject themselves into MMA. (Ironic?) Hey Taz, stay in your lane dude. the fight wasn’t fixed –


Ronda would never take a dive. Way too proud.


Floyd Mayweather has reached out and offered words of encouragement to Ronda and offered her help with her boxing. A story the media won’t pick up on, my friend Jeremy Wyatt posted this and nails it pretty much in regards to why and my thoughts align with him on them both.

Floyd sounds to be generally a terrible human being, so probably not.

And no way in world Ronda says anything remotely close to this.

I’m not a Ronda fan or hater, she’s been fun to watch roll thru these other chicks, and I’m not a huge Ufc follower but I have always wondered if she was that good, or if the other chicks just weren’t that good. Guess we’ll see how good she is when she gets her rematch.

Only real negative thing I’d have to say about her is I think she needs to go dark for awhile, the more she talks, the more dumb stuff she says. Buries Floyd constantly, which he deserves, then is dating a dude who has been accused of same thing. Then admits to beating up her own former boyfriend, but that’s OK because she’s the fun, cool chick who likes wrestling and Pokémon and whatever shit that makes all the nerds swoon.

But anyways, I’ll watch the rematch, be interesting to see what she’s made of -Jeremy Wyatt

Now I myself may have just given Floyd props for his comments and while I’m not in the business of kicking someone while they’re down.  I am in the business of laughing at someone being kicked while they’re down. TAKE IT AWAY INTERNET!






BTW- Ronda’s corner was a joke. Edmond is the worst, telling her she’s doing a great job between rounds. Jake Ellenberger has to get out of there, explains a lot.

There is an excellent breakdown on technique at Fight Land that goes into how Holm won much better technically than I ever could – http://fightland.vice.com/blog/how-holly-holm-killed-queen-ronda-rousey

Back later this week with UFC Fight Night 78. Neil Magney vs Kelvin Gastelum and Diego Sanchez vs Ricardo Lamas, meh… BUT, Cotto vs Alvarez Saturday night is gonna be awesome!


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