The ACROCATS Need To Retire, Hang It Up, You’re DONE, Finished!

You idiots! Do I have to start doing everything for cats around the world? I’m out here leading the cats over dogs movement and we have these idiots taking the Acrocats out on National TV just embarrassing themselves.  I swear whoever is in charge of cat public relations, one more video comes out of cats looking like idiots and I’m taking your job.

Do you think dogs or dog owners would be caught dead out there shitting the bed under the bright lights on the national stage?  Dogs would be running a clinic on that obstacle course!  Makes me sick to my stomach, one of the sorriest excuses for an exhibition I’ve ever seen. I could have just as easily stepped in there in my wrestling leotard looking like an idiot and guided those kitty’s through that obstacle course with my eyes closed. How about these bitches asking for applause when the cats won’t even come out of their cage? The audacity! Have these stupid chicks ever even played with cats before? Sickening. Hang it up Acrocats, you guys suck! And I see you there too Colbert, openly mocking the cats, hopefully Peta comes for that ass bro. Not cool, not cool.

I haven’t heard anything back after numerous threats sent out to CatDad yet, so hopefully the cats took care of that asshole and he’s dead by now. Or at the very least walking around with half of his face hanging off.

I had a long day, if you can’t tell.

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