Bet The Board UFC Fight Night 78 + Quick Bellator Review + COTTO VS ALVAREZ

First a couple high lite reel knockouts in Bellator last night.

Brandon Girtz is going to be a force at lightweight, he wiped Derek Campos off the face of earth.

Melvin Manhoef knocked out Hisaki Kato in the first round, these dudes were both swinging for the fences the entire time. Super entertaining, Manhoef has a beard on him! The first time he connected flush it was lights out.

Also on the main card winners were Bubba Jenkins(agreed), Chidi Njokuani (I didn’t agree) and Guilherme Viana via doctor stoppage over Nebraska’s Houston Alexander.


I am a casual boxing fan but I get up for big matches and have been looking forward to this one for a while. Canelo probably got his fight with Floyd too early in his career and Cotto gave Floyd one of his toughest fights ever.  Rumor has it Canelo had a tough weight cut, boxers typically don’t cut much weight at all so I don’t like that from his end. I’m an action junkie so threw one unit on Cotto +260 and .5 units on Alvarez wins in round 4-6 +850.  This is a match worth going out of your way to see.

Overall on the year 11-7 and +18.36

UFC Fight Night 88 isn’t much on paper but these usually turn out the most exciting cards. My bets on the main card while skipping the TUF Latin America finals, I don’t know who the hell those dudes are –

Efrain Escudaro +120 for 5 units over Leandro Silva. Efrain seems like he’s putting it all together after waiting for that to happen for what seems like 10 years. A little MMA math for you- they both defeated Drew Dober by guillotine. Only problem is Silva never had the guillotine sunk in, the referee who trains with Silva called the fight out while Dober was still good to go. That was his best win, but was overturned to a no contest. I still lost money on that fight, that’s fucked up. I think Efrain gets this one rather easily.

Henry Cejudo not by decision over Jussier Formiga for 2 units at +145. I like Cejudo to come out and make a statement finally in his home country. He’s two wins or an impressive blowout away from getting a title shot. Hopefully it doesn’t take place in Vegas though.

Neil Magney over Kelvin Gastelum for 1 unit at +230.  Magny is a beast, always prepared and fighting. This is his fifth fight of the year. Gastelum is awesome at 170 but always a tough weight cut getting him there. I just realized Kelvin looks like Darryl Schoonover aka “Titties” that Rashad was picking on on his Ultimate Fighter season. That was so funny

“Titties, you make my day you move down to 205, that a easy payday”


“Got Milk Titties”


But I digress.

Diego Sanchez over Ricardo Lamas at +320 for one unit. Sanchez is hands down the funnest person to risk your money on in the world. You don’t have to worry about him coasting or not putting for the effort. He will die on his shield out there. He’s rumored to be up to 171 after weigh ins, can’t be healthy but maybe he had some kind of illegal assistance. That doesn’t matter til the drug results come back in a few weeks, I’ll have cashed my ticket by then. Lamas is a legit contender at 145 though and will be right there in the mix with a quality win over Diego here.

Found myself in a YouTube deep dive on the Rashad/Rampage Ultimate Fighter, what an amazing season


“Clean up ya hairline”

Back Sunday with a quick recap.


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