The Ronda Hype Is Over Series Is The Best

Rogan, Dana, Edmond, all these clowns need to dig a hole and bury themselves. This was the best way imaginable to spend 22 minutes headed into Thanksgiving weekend.

It always was the nerd MMA hipster angle to say Ronda would beat Floyd Mayweather but if anyone really believed that please bury yourself as well. I almost felt bad for Rogan watching it because he knows… he knows he was completely out of line and lost touch with reality. But I’m sure Dana still thinks this. Hardo moron.

It did hurt seeing my dude Cormier on there buying into all of the hype. At least he picked himself back up, cleaned himself off and admitted he was wrong.  But then fucking Jon Jones, of fucking course one day after I give him some credit for straightening his act out he was agreeing with the Floyd nonsense. Fuck off Bones Jones.

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