Beat The Board- UFC Fight Night 79 & Fight Night 78 Recap

UFC Fight Night 78 was a largely forgettable event. A nearly seven hour event? Just far too long. Efrain Escuedero was my largest bet of the event and he brought absolutely nothing to the table losing a decision to Leandro Silva. Henry Cejudo, the largest favorite on the show got a split decision win over Jussier de Silva, this would have been a huge robbery if Cejudo lost so at least they got the decision right. Diego Sanchez brought the fight to Ricardo Lamas but wasn’t able to bait him into his type of fight and lost a lopsided decision. In the main event Kelvin Gastelum brought the fight to Neil Magney too late and lost a decision. Kelvin clearly lost the first three rounds then almost finished it in the fourth and won the fifth. If any judge was willing to ever handout a 10-8 we may have had a draw.

I did catch Polo Reyes absolutely starch Cesar Arzamendia in the second fight of the night –

Track down Diego/Lamas if you want to see a good and violent fight and the fourth round in the main event was very exciting as well. But overall an event worth skipping.

I went 1-3 and -5.7 bringing my year to date to 12-10 and +12.66.



This ass crack of dawn in the United States start time? PUKE. Was originally Thiago Alves vs Henderson until Alves had to pull out. PUKE. Cro Cop was originally on the show but got popped for roids…. errr hurt, PUKE. Another card that looks like a pass on paper, what did Seoul ever do to deserve a card? At least throw it in some shithole like Des Moines so we can watch at a normal hour.

Four small bets as I don’t plan on waking up for it. This is a DVR show you get through knowing the results and what’s worth watching. In the main event I will be on Benson Henderson by decision at +100 for 2 units. I think Hendo cruises here, possibly drops one round and grinds the win out. In the Dominic Waters vs Dong Hyun Kim I took not Kim by Decision for 1 unit at -135, no clue here really just looks like the best value to me as Kim is a -800 favorite hopefully he can finish it early.

Yoshihiro Akiyama over Alberto Mina for 2 units at -145



Finally, how the hell is Sam Sicilia on this card and not some regional bum show? His name alone is auto fade and I will take Doo Ho Choi -240 for 3 units. Do Ho Choi, what a name, what a time to be alive.


The bright side of these back to back lackluster events is we’re just two weeks away now from the weekend of December 10-12th, aka three straight nights of fights we get ALDO vs MCGREGOR, FERGUSON VS BARBOSA, ROCKHOLD vs WIEDMAN, JACARE VS ROMERO, MENDES VS EDGAR, but most importantly that Thursday night on Fight Pass the




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