My Friends Missed The Boat On Their Awesome ‘The Office’ Song

If you’re a fan of the Office there is absolutely no way you don’t enjoy this song. It is rapped and sung very well from Jim Halperts perspective of his quest to bed Pam Beasily and his beef with Roy along the way.

They recorded it in Dallas in 2008 while being evacuated from Hurricane Gustav and just sat on it the entire time. I got ahold of it the other day and was blown away by how good it was, this would have been extremely viral in 2008. I added the shitty pictures in the backdrop and it was about the most technologically sophisticated thing I’ve done in my entire life. Share it with other Office fans you know, seven years too late is better than never I guess right?

Pensive Paraders featuring EJ in the Wheelchair aka Black Bauer- The Office Version 2 (I have no idea where Version 1 is)

“my dogg keep his mace inside the pants like Puffy” was an awesome Mid 2000’s bar

Cuckolding Toby was so clutch too, before cuckolding was even hot.


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