Brandon Reilly Nebraska Receiver Leaves No Tip (Is Season MVP)


LINCOLN, Neb. (KMTV) – Nebraska wide receiver Brandon Reilly has spent the day responding to online critics after sharing a photo on Twitter of his decision not to leave a tip for a waiter he claimed disrespected his team.

The photo, which he has since removed, appeared to show his bill with a note saying, “Next time be more observant about who’s eating before bashing on a team.”

Reilly said in a later post he didn’t regret his tweet.  He has continued to respond to critics.

The most offensive thing that Brandon Reilly did here was remove the tweet. Never back down dude, no matter how much society and all the service industry elitists demand you to don’t back down bro! I would have doubled down in this situation, head straight over to Applebee’s, load up on half price appies and leave no tip again.  Service Industry people are the most entitled people in the entire world. You would think they are out there curing cancer with the attitude they carry on Social Media. This is coming for someone who worked in it for seven years. A nice tip is great but you still need to be pleasant and not insult your customer.  I always start at 10% and the server can work them self up or down from there. If my server or bartender starts telling me how much pro wrestling sucks or talking shit on fat loser bloggers then you sure as shit can bet I’m not leaving them a tip. If I wanted to feel like shit about myself I’d contact my a girlfriend, not go out to eat and buy some over priced food.


Love this move here. The Chefs are the real MVP. All the servers are doing is carrying it over to you. I always leave “compliments to the chef” even if I’m at some shithole like Buffalo Wild Wings. The cooks are the real ones slaving back there and the servers are crapping on them making in most cases double what they are making.

So yeah, the Huskers were absolute hot garbage this year. I’ve crapped on them at every chance I had this season, even though the waiter was probably 100% spot on in his criticisms of the team, who wants to hear it? Someone wants to shit on you while you’re trying to enjoy your wings, then they don’t deserve your five dollars. Plus jokes on them anyways, you’re a white receiver on a FIVE win football team, Mr. Big Shot does what Mr. Big Shot wants dude.

If I see a GoFundMe set up for this waiter to give them thousands of dollars for doing a bad job I’m going to lose it.


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