Holly Holm Almost Died 4 Years Ago Today

December 2nd, 2011

Ronda Rousey has to be pissed that Anne Sophie Mathis didn’t finish the job here. If she would have people would still be talking today about Ronda Rousey defeating Floyd Mayweather, about Rousey having Bruce Lee like striking ability.

Is there any doubt in the world that referee had a bet on Holm winning or it going the distance in some scumbag New Mexico sportsbook? Get rich or die trying was his approach to reffing this match.

“Get up, keep going girl!” – Referee


I mean this fucker wasn’t stopping the fight right here. He was deeming Holly ‘ok’ to go back in and continue fighting.


“Nah, Nah, She’s good to keep going” – Referee


“Fuck… The bookies gonna kill me when I can’t pay this thousand bucks, gotta stop it finally. FUCK!” – Referee

They wound up re-matching 6 months later and much to Ronda Rousey’s dismay Mathis didn’t finish the job. She lost a decision, Holm would go on to win two more boxing matches and then seal Rousey’s fate by taking up MMA.

How about that 1976 George Foreman style footage being shot in New Mexico 2011. Catch up New Mexico, be better dudes.


What a difference four years makes.

(shout out to barstool for the mp4 & complex for the boxing gifs- http://www.complex.com/sports/2015/11/holly-holm-anne-sophie-mathis-last-loss)



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