Mom Posts Pic Of Her Infant Breastfeeding Goes Viral


Earlier today I posted this picture of my son and I breastfeeding uncovered in a public restaurant. In the picture, it appears I’m staring off into the distance. In reality, I’m staring into the eyes of a woman staring at me. She is looking at me with disgust and shaking her head with judgement in an attempt to shame me and indirectly tell me without words that I am wrong and need to cover myself.


‘I post this to give mamas encouragement’: Mom’s breastfeeding photo goes viral

“I don’t post this for attention. I don’t post this because I think everyone should nurse uncovered. I post this to give mamas encouragement. And to encourage others to make breastfeeding mothers feel accepted and supported; not alienated, ridiculed and judged.”

I don’t deny at all how difficult it is being a mother and having to feed your shitty little kid in public but have some decorum for me one time would you please?

We’re making people ‘viral’ for the most idiotic things nowadays, it’s sickening. This chick probably has a GoFundMe set up right now where thousands of dollars have been donated to her from horny men who want to suck on her melons and lonely feminists.

It wouldn’t be that hard to just throw a blanket over the kid and cover it up. I for one, I wouldn’t be complaining but I would be staring just not in disgust, more awe. I wonder how she would feel if someone pulled it out and started stroking it right there on the spot while staring at her?  Jerking it is natural too so isn’t kinda catch 22 there. Called indecent exposure.

I’ll tell you what will suck though is that kid when he grows up. He’s going to innocently google his mothers name and find thousands of articles and pics of his mother with her tits shoved down his face. All in a pathetic (and successful) attempt to go viral on the internet. I hope his friends have fun with that one when they find out, shouldn’t be rough at all that your moms knockers are posted all over the web. Little Tommy and his boys are joking around and his friends pull out the trump card every single time by talking about mother Ashley’s tits. Rough to win a roastin’ session when mom is behaving like this.

A quick look through this chicks Facebook(Ashley Kaidel) and her entire existence seems to be predicated on a love for breast-feeding. She has an obsession with having those bags sucked on, I mean look at this shirt


That’s one weird chick man, maybe the sperm donor should step up… But whatever, do what makes you happy just don’t be so surprised when someone looks your way with a little confusion. You’re in the United States where boobs reign supreme sista, not some Ethiopian village. You won’t spurn social change.



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