UFC Breaks Ground On New Performance Center

Look forward to the new UFC HQ coming in 2017! 📷: @jeffbottari

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Dave Meltzer (wrestlingobserver.com)-
UFC broke ground on its new headquarters and campus this past week in Las Vegas, which will include offices for 360 employees, a state of the art television and multimedia studio, and an athlete health and performance center for training, and more importantly, rehabbing injuries and for the latest in sports performance science. The company hopes to move into the new headquarters in the spring of 2017. Lorenzo Fertitta said he believes UFC is the largest media company based in Las Vegas. The Health and Performance Center is more than 30,000 square feet on two floors with an Octagon, a boxing ring, mats, an indoor track, lifting platforms, a rehab center, treatment rooms, sports science areas and physiotherapy areas, as well as a media center.

Aw, how cute. The UFC really cares about their fighters well being so much. Open this multi-million dollar center while paying preliminary fighters $2,000 which doesn’t cover jack shit in an out of town fight. Taking their sponsors away and making them wear hideous Reebok gear with none of that sponsorship kickback the fighters were getting. I guess it’s pretty telling where all that money is going though.

They will be offering various rooms at the Performance center, I have a few suggestions that may interest me –

  • Dana White “The Art of Bullshit”
  • “Ancient Aliens” with GSP
  • “Dental Hygeine” with Frank Shamrock


Twitter had some other great suggestions-


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