California Man Wins Two Lotteries In Minutes, I lose Two Bets With 0:00 On Clock

California Man Wins Lottery Twice Within Minutes

WOWT- Winning the lottery is just plain hard to do – unless you’re Rodney Meadows. He wins it a couple times of day. Well, he did one day. Two wins within minutes.

The Modesto, California man was out running errands when he picked up more than $10 million.

It started with an impulse buy when he decided to grab some scratcher tickets. One of those paid him $1,000.

Rodney was on a roll so he bought three more tickets. One of those paid him $10 million.

The clerk that help Mr. Meadows on the road to easy living said Rodney is a regular at the store and this couldn’t have happened to a better guy.

Oh would you look at Mr. Big Shot here, winning his fancy lotteries twice within minutes. Anyone can do that, dumb luck. Now let me set the scene for you last night in Detroit…

Green Bay Packers favored by 4 with a total of 44.5

My wagers- The Detroit Lions getting 4 points and the under 44.5

The scene – Detroit leads 23-21 after a first down incomplete pass from Rodgers to Cobb we are at second down. 79 yards away from the End Zone. A Field Goal is whatever, I split both bets. Rodgers scrambles, gets facemasked as time expires.

Now I hate Rodgers just about as much as anyone breathing but people who are saying it wasn’t a facemask are completely off. It was, the only thing unfortunate is that it wasn’t twisted a little harder. Popping that fuckers head off like a bottle top would have been amazing.  He sold it a little, but this one was on the Lions. That’s just Detroit Lion football making the most crucial mistake in the worst spot possible.


Fifteen yard penalty now there is no time left on the clock, but they still need a 61 yard pass all the way to the end zone to win the game. We should be safe right? Lets set up that prevent defense.


I MEAN WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT!?!?! I see you’re expecting a lateral but he’s already in motion to throw. Come the fuck on! Don’t be the Detroit Lions for me one time would you!?

Sure enough

1st and 10 at GB 39

  • (0:00 – 4th) Richard Rodgers Pass From Aaron Rodgers for 61 Yrds (Two-Point Conversion Failed).


Wide, Fucking, Open.

Packers win 27-23, cover the spread and the total goes over- I lose. Such is life.

I’m fine with it, I’m used to it by now. Once a loser always a loser, can’t change that… But I will tell you what I don’t need. What I don’t need is when both of these bets lose with no time on the clock to go online and see this 200 year old Cali bro bragging about winning his two lotteries when I can’t even win one measly ass bet to save my life. Get lost guy. Get lost… or send me a few grand to spread that good karma around. I accept all forms of payment, it’s only fair right?

Has anyone checked on Calvin Johnson? Hit with that sniper fire.

Chicago Bears v Detroit Lions




(motivational pic for me not the Lions, you guys stink you won’t win some)

h/t- bustedcoverage for some of the pics


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