Loser Rapper Stitches Beat Up By The Games Crew


For sure the first question, like me, you asked yourself was “Who is Stitches?” I didn’t know until 20 minutes ago…

He’s a 20 year old White/Cuban “rapper” from Miami. Watch this video and let that hate for this fucker build up in your heart.

I’m not sure, nor do I really care to look into why he was beefing with the Game(saw something about mentioning the Games kids). But one of his boys should probably have pulled him aside and let him know this beef isn’t for you dude. Twenty year old white boys with popcorn muscle tats shouldn’t be looking to go with 35 year old Compton bloods, who by most counts can handle their own.


So The Game was throwing his birthday party in Miami last night and Stitches was looking around to get some. This video contains most of the footage.

This loser stood outside in the rain for hours just to catch a fade? Doesn’t sound like Game hit him, but it’s the company you roll with. I think it was just a matter of which person in Games crew got to him first.

That Games hashtag game is so on point. Stitches may have taken a bigger L through hashtags than that nap he got.

This younger generation is so fucked, but good for the Game and his crew teaching one lesson at a time. Knocked out then arrested, that’s 0-2 on the night. Just like me on my Lions/Under bets.


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