Stone Temple Pilots Was The Shit


Rest in Power Scott Weiland. Stone Temple Pilots was a staple of my High School FTW attitude, right along with the likes of the Urge, Foo Fighters, Limp Bizkit, Wu-Tang, DMX, 311, Nas, Jay-Z, White Zombie among others.

And Scott Weiland > Eddie Vedder

Top 10 Stone Temple Pilots tracks with 10 seconds of thought-

1.Dead and Bloated

2. Interstate Love Song

3. Plush

4. Vasoline

5. Sex Type Thing

6. Trippin On A Hole In A Paper Heart

7. Piece of Pie

8. Wicked Garden

9. Creep

10. Sour Girl

Hate including anything off the third album but Paper Heart was dope. That album was garbage though.

Update – Shouldn’t have left off Big Empty

Update 3- Should have given Velvet Revolver some love


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