Lets Play Guess Why They Got Arrested v1.0

All photos and information from KETV

Guess- He’s giving off a homeless yet classy vibe. He keeps his beard long out of respect for style and fashion not cause he can’t afford a razor. I’m guessing we have a classic case of indecent exposure, ol’ Paulie boy was showering off with a hose in someones yard.

Verdict- Paul Messerschmidt. Insurance Fraud. Insurance fraud? Huh? Wat? Well that couldn’t have been a bigger letdown.


Guess- 100% convinced this kid was nabbed up in the process of becoming a werewolf and the process just paused. Keep him locked up, next full moon and due is taking form.

Verdict- Andre S. Pacheco, Robbery.  Old cop trick there, pin him with a robbery when he’s turning into a Werewolf.


Guess- Don’t hurt em Romance! I’m 100% certain Romance here is used to having his way with the ladies then one night felt a little resistance and put his mits upside one of their heads. Romance just screams domestic.

Verdict- Romance McIntyre. This dudes gross. Not even going to reprint what this scumbag did, we went dark there... Moving on…


Guess- You could tell me this squirrley little fucker did anything and I’d believe you. He looks capable of just about anything under the sun. The facial hair is downright offensive from the eye brows to the pubic beard/goatee along with a one of a kind unique double chin & broccoli hair. Psycho.

Verdict- Nery Martinez.  Indecent Exposure, Trespassing, Disturbing the Peace and False Information.  See what did I say? Dude is capable of anything and he racks up four unique charges in one crime spree. I know we haven’t seen the last of this mental case.


Guess- Good god, if homeboy earlier was taking the form of a Werewolf I’m pretty sure this was the literal living human embodiment of the devil waltzing around Omaha like her shit don’t stank. The devil surely had dozens of outstanding warrants. Fine work picking her up OPD. Always knew the Devil would be a female.

Verdict- Tiffanee Trecek. Possession of meth and receiving stolen property. Yeah, close enough there. Meth is the devils drug of choice, was probably receiving some stolen markers to draw her eye brows back in. Now hit the DEVILS MUSIC!


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