FIGHT WEEK! Monkey and Man-Bunned Asian Throw Down

The biggest fight week of the year and we get it kicked off with a bang!  If Conor McGregor and Jose Aldo live up to half of what this monkey and Man-Bunned Asian brought to the table we have ourselves the best fight week of all time.

The monkey shows up out of nowhere to claim this bros bike as his own. He even goes as far as to piss on it to mark his territory, it’s called ‘finders keepers’ ever heard of it dude? Thankfully for us fight fans though, this Thailand bro does not care, he wants his bike and they throw down.

Lets get to the tape-

What a scrap! What a scrap! Fuck Rousey/Holm 2 give me Monkey vs Asian 2!

Unfortunately I think it’s a clear cut win for the Monkey. The Human Race takes the L there. But we’re like from monkeys, it’s called evolution so don’t get all cocky there Monkey.

The Asian got his Mr. Fuji on and it cost him,  a blatant illegal use of foreign objects first with his boot, then throwing sand and dirt. That monkey just had hand speed for days and stuck in the pocket banging. He may have retreated first but the Asian bro felt his power and speed, I’d run too if sand and dirt were getting kicked in my face.

But hey, for real though, lil Cornelius was going…





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